Great Ideas For Engagement Proposals

Are you in love and wish to spend the rest of your life with that special person and you are not being sure to tell them thinking about the rejection, in which rejection is not the problem here your confident is the important thing. The thing women wants most out of the relationship is romance where the fire that keeps on burning has to be lit on the day you propose your special one and it should be of memorable one, so choose a best and beautiful romantic place to propose your girl. He or she will be recounting it many times and you will be either praised or damned depending on the outcome in general women are absolutely flattered by public proposals as they are the center of the attention and now the world has chosen that they are lifelong mate.

Here are few ideas to propose your special person to marry you and start a family where there are many romantic ways to propose your girl or man in which you no need to follow any real rules except try to be genuine and original. Some of the best ideas for the marriage proposal originate on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Year in which the other non holiday ideas can be also special one. Go for a walk with your special person and under the stars conclude your love to your lover with a ring presentation else arrange a candle light dinner for your dream girl and propose her by presenting a ring from Otomo along with her favorite flower bouquet.

Tips for marriage proposal

The following are the some of the tips on how to propose marriage when you follow these you can make your special person happy by revealing the marriage proposing to your girl or man.

  • You should really be aiming to surprise her by making the special arrangements in her favorite spot because this private place will make the moment as a special memorable one.

  • If you are planning on making the public proposal then you need to be extra certain where she will say yes to avoid turning it to the most humiliating experience of your life where she certainly says yes just to spare your blushes.

  • Making your proposal personal is the best thing where you know her better than anybody else so never carbon copy any idea just follow your own way of the proposal.

  • Guard the ring to surprise her just bring it along with the desert or bury it in the sand and tell her to find it which gives a memorable experience for her.

  • If you want long engagement then propose your girl on the spring season where you can get married her the year after and if you want an extra time gap then propose her on the winter in the snow and get married in spring season.

These above proposal ideas will surely make your proposal moment a memorable and unforgettable moment and your girl will be also surprised.

How to propose your girlfriend

Proposing to the girlfriend is the something which you are going to do once so, make it as beautiful moment by arranging the things effectively and it is important that you don’t mess up the things. The following are the special tips that how to propose your girlfriend.

  • You shouldn’t be surprised with her answer when if you are not completely or at least 99% sure that she will be saying yes then you are probably not been going to long enough.

  • Try your hardest to make surprise where this is the one of the biggest moments in her life, so please don’t make it as an anti climax.

  • Make sure you go down on one knee while proposing where this is an old and corny way of proposing but she always imagined other proposal would be like that ever since she was a little girl so surprise her in the way she likes.

  • Before going to propose your girl friend practice yourself in front of the mirror otherwise she will be telling all her friends mates how you bumbled the most important words.

  • Make sure you have the arranged the place with the romantic setting hold flowers, music, candles, and good food overall it is all about the romance over lavish and big.

The place you choose for proposing your girl friend plays the important role so make sure that you choose a romantic place for proposing your dream girl.

How to propose your girlfriend while watching a romantic movie

Proposing to your girlfriend is always found to be a special date between a couple where it can be nerve wracking and really exciting at the same time and it can be really fun when you do it in the unique way, so try something different and best that she will never forget. The best and unique way to propose your girlfriend is asking her to watch a romantic movie with you and do the proposals while her deep into the romantic scene where this will make her to be surprised. The following are the step that explains you that how to propose your girl friend while watching a romantic movie. First you should be careful in setting p your plan make sure that you have everything on that day. When everything is planned correctly then the proposal will go smoothly because it is a very special day for both of you so try to keep it interesting.

Second step is to watch the movie of your choice because you will know the right moment and scene when you have to propose her. Pretend that you have never watched this movie before and this found to be a good plan if you want you can watch in Movie Theater or else at your home. Make sure that you watch the movie from the first and see that you remember all the significant scenes. While the particular romantic scene comes propose her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and after that ask her to taste the dinner food prepared by you make sure that you prepare her favorite dishes this will make her to feel happily and special.